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Educational Leadership and System Design (ELSD) offers a variety of on-site and virtual services to develop educators’ capacity to support principals, assistant principals, and central office staff members.

Educational leadership professional learning, coaching, and school and central office system design

ELSD develops administrative efficacy to support creating conditions for excellence and equity in schools, teacher retention, and community support.

Educational leadership system development

ELSD consults with LEAs to document and improve systems in ways that enhance their leadership capacity and responsiveness to their students, staff, and communities.

Educational leadership research and evaluation

ELSD conducts policy-relevant research on what works for principal evaluation, preparation, and professional development. We will use this research to inform and measure the impact of our own professional development services.

These services can be fully customized to meet the needs of leaders and their system.

School Leadership Team Network — Instructional Leadership

The School Leadership Team Network is designed to provide training, tools, and processes to support school- and systems-level leaders in advancing organizational effectiveness, academic achievement, and equity. These topics will also inform the focus of the facilitated planning and implementation support sessions:

  • Understand your “why:” Focusing school mission on results and values
  • Instructional leadership team’s role and purpose
  • Create a theory of action to lead short cycles of improvement
  • Identify metrics to measure progress toward the vision
  • Develop a strategy to communicate improvement efforts

School Leadership Team Network — Equity

District leaders will engage in training, tools, and processes that support educational equity through systems change. Leaders will work together to:

  • Identify equity gaps and sharpen focus
  • Define success indicators for local equity goals
  • Leverage structures to build routines and ensure implementation
  • Deepen their knowledge of research and protocols and engage in focused implementation planning.

Supervisors of Principals Academy

Excellent supervision is essential to retaining and growing leaders. The Supervisors of Principals Academies support central office administrator coaching and evaluation of principals in charter or public schools.

The Supervisors of Principals Academies are offered by WestEd statewide, within regions or larger school districts. The networked learning builds coaching and feedback by using school walkthroughs, videos, and research from WestEd and other experts. The 8-month learning program can result in continuing education or graduate school credits.

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Leadership Playbook

The workshop series is designed to support leaders in assessing and growing current leadership and learning strategies through exploration of the following topics:

  • Personal Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Relationship Management
  • Building and Sustaining Teams
  • Talent Management
  • Coaching
  • Facilitation

Leaders will use common language and leadership practices as demonstrated through the systemwide implementation of tools and processes in The Leadership Playbook.

Leading From the Middle

Central Office leaders both classified/operations and certificated will learn in a safe and supportive learning network of colleagues from within their system or across systems. Based on up to date research, leaders will:

  • Share strategies and solutions to pressing challenges facing district offices
  • Navigate the politics of senior leadership, “managing up,” and the reality of constant change
  • Review effective project leadership and team development strategies
  • Analyze how to make sense of it all and inspire for equity and innovation from the middle

Leading Data Conversations

Leaders will come to an understanding of data and its uses to generate new knowledge, support action planning, and lead to more effective improvement practices.

Leaders will practice using an observation rubric to improve their ability to leverage their school or systems most important technology: conversations among educators. Throughout the professional learning leaders will plan and practice facilitation moves to accelerate effective data team meetings.